These Apps are Worth a Try

December 12, 2016

I hardly ever download phone apps to my phone as I thought I really don’t need them or I don’t want them on my phone to say the least. Over the last few months, I saw a Viggle commercial on television and I thought that would be interesting to try though I want the app to be downloaded on my husband’s phone. While downloading the app I learned that I could get rewarded while watching television in exchange for various gift cards to choose from or cash. 

After a couple of months of racking up my Viggle points I exchanged it for a  Betty Crocker Crockpot to see if this app is truly legit. Days after, I was astound when I saw the package outside our doorstep as I wasn’t really expecting the item would arrive that soon. As I opened the package I was really excited and couldn’t believe I was getting the crockpot for real. 

Since then, I have been using Viggle mostly on my favorite shows on television and watch extra ads to get Perk points. Aside from Viggle and Perk, I am also loving Ibotta where you can get rebates while you shop your favorite brands or groceries. Checkout 51 is just like Ibotta where you can get rebates as well. This app is legit as I just cashed out my first transaction weeks ago. I know downloading apps on the app store can be cautious especially when you get the fake ones out there but these apps that I am talking about are worth a try.


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