Magnolia Ice Cream

January 30, 2017

I usually splurge on seafood every time I go to the Asian store but this time around I got Magnolia ice cream. Yeah! I bought 2 tubs of ice cream and it is very pricey compared the ones that I usually get at Walmart. I could have bought 2 lbs of shrimp, 4 crabs and 2 large squid for the price itself. Heck! When I go to the Asian store my hubby always told me get what you want, so I did! Trying different flavors other than vanilla my favorite by the way :) was just an imagination how these ice cream would taste like when growing up in the Philippines as we could not afford to buy in a big container. We would only get the ones in the cone during fiesta or when someone is selling in our area. Aside from ice cream, I also got sweet potato, banana and pork belly which is perfect to make adobo. When I saw Bizarre Foods, Delicious Destinations, with Andrew Zimmern, on Travel Channel featured in the Philippines, I learned I could add oyster sauce when making adobo. Tried it few weeks ago and it tasted really good. No need to add brown sugar to sweeten up the sauce, oyster sauce tastes delicious! 

Magnolia Ice Cream, Halo-Halo

Magnolia Ice Cream, Macapuno


Sweet Potato


As of today, I cooked Menudo using pork belly as I loved it’s fat itself and this will be my meal for a few days during the day. Aside from cooking dishes I also shopped at Tuesday Morning and found a box that was on clearance. I think it is cute so I bought it.


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