Tokyo House

May 01, 2017

If you’re in the mood for eating all-out sushi Tokyo House is the place to visit. Tokyo House is a Japanese buffet restaurant though specialized mostly on sushi. With a vast selections of sushi its hard to pick one as your favorite as most of them tasted delicious aside from raw fish. They also have frog legs if you’re brave enough to see these creatures doing Kung Fu on the platter. Complimentary desserts are vanilla and peppermint ice cream aside from what’s on the buffet. With impeccable décor this is by far the fanciest restaurants that I have ever been to here in the city of Rogers. 

Though the server could have waited until we left to get our guestbook instead of pulling it from my husband even though we already paid for our meal. I thought it was hilarious the way she pulled the guestbook underneath my husband’s phone and wallet but I didn’t say a word.


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