June 18, 2017

Days are going by so quickly before we know it this month will just have flown by in a heartbeat. Just last week, we were in Fort Worth, Texas to watch an Indycar race with my boys and in only a couple weeks away we will be in Kansas City to watch an Iron Maiden concert. As for our Texas road trip it was the first that Charles’ hasn’t ask both ways of our trip, his famous questions; are we there yet or how long are we going to get there? 

Chicken Curry


Chocolate Cake

Well, it was such a nice trip we didn’t get stuck with any traffic or road constructions despite the perfect weather we had that day. The only disappointment I had was we didn’t get a chance to eat at Rooster’s Roadhouse as we already ate at Butterfield’s in Choctaw Casino and so on our way back as well. Charles’ really loved their Mac & Cheese and so their Chicken Curry was my all time pick on both meals. For dessert Butterfield’s has an array of desserts on display for guests to choose from. 

Pandesal Bread

Anyway, these past few days I have been trying to make Pandesal bread (rolls) and I am not even closer how to make the bread fluffy but dense bread in my 4th tries. I had also been watching YouTube videos about kneading, though every Pandesal recipes I’ve looked has different measurements of its ingredients so it is a little disappointing I haven‘t had the result that I really wanted for my Pandesal bread. As for the taste, it tasted as Pandesal bread already only not fluffy at all. When you bite the bread it should leave your teeth marks, soft as marshmallows to describe Pandesal. And every time I told Charles I am making bread he kept on saying; again? You should sell them so you could make money, haha. Only Charles would encouraged me to sell something just to make money.


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