Home Cooked Meal

July 16, 2017

As much as I loved eating different cuisines at restaurants nothing tastes better than a home cooked meal. So tonight, I cooked one of my favorite vegetable dishes that I used to eat in the Philippines, Taro leaves (Dahon ng Gabi) paired with dried fish and it tasted so good. I also made Gelatin (Gulaman) this afternoon without mango in it. Whether there’s mango or not it still tastes really good as I had it for my dessert. 

Taro Leaves (Dahon ng Gabi)

Gelatin (Gulaman)

Cooking dishes that I used to eat growing up in the Philippines it makes me eat more than I used to. These kinds of dishes tastes really good for me to eat. I never think about my diet or have I put myself on a diet in the past, never. I honestly liked that I gained extra pounds to my weight I think it looks good on me, just kidding.


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